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Why I do this website:
  1. The subject matter here is a passion I enjoy and want to promote, presenting an understandable computer with simple hardware and no mysterious software layers between you and the bare metal.  (Abstraction is still good if you can understand and control it yourself, which is why I have articles like the one on program structures in assembly language by using macros, or the one on simple methods for multitasking without a multitasking OS, or the set of articles on stacks, to gain more power with this simple processor.)  Home computers of yesteryear could have done greater things and performed better, even with the same hardware, if software methods had been better-developed at the time.

  2. Documenting ideas and projects for others forces me think through things more thoroughly than I might otherwise, causing me to refine my ideas and sometimes catch potential problems in what I had in mind.  It really does make me better.

  3. I want to stir more ideas in the readers and hope to get feedback that's helpful for my own projects and work.

  4. I enjoy writing.  I probably enjoy it too much!  :D  That's not to say it's not work.  It's actually a ton of work, to:
    I did most of the work on the website in times that my job was super slow.  (It goes in waves.)  Answering forum questions becomes easier if I can just direct someone to a web page that's already done.  If time were no object, this website would triple in size, major features, and resources.

  5. As for the memory modules I sell, and other modules I hope to be able to offer in the future, I knew up front that this would not be a money-maker.  I filed the fictitious-name statement and got the resale license only to make sure I would not be breaking any tax laws in selling these.  Of course if someone decides to place a huge order, I won't complain one bit!  :)
As to why I do this web site the way I do:  I like it simple, and the goal is to make the material as clear and helpful as possible.  I've gotten plenty of compliments on this aspect.  Please don't offer to make it look more professional.  If others have related knowledge to share, I want them to see that they don't need to know graphics design or web-design software to have their own website.  The amount of HTML I know would fit in a thimble, but it's enough for now.  Obviously I'd have to get fancier if I were selling consumer products and had a shopping cart and took credit cards and so on.  Not now.  Since I still have so much more material I want to post, I want to just keep moving with the simple system I have going.  Thanks for understanding.

last updated Aug 12, 2017