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   •  6502 (& related) microprocessor articles, primers, tutorials, and links
   •  electronics modules for hobbyists, for easing the construction of home-made computers
   •  HP-41 calculator/computer links (approx 50)

The first module is a 32Mb 4Mx8 5V 10ns SRAM module.  Data sheet here.  Email me at wilsonmines@dslextreme.com to buy.  The picture on the left below shows it larger than actual size on most monitors.  The module is 2.3" long.

WM-1 32Mb 4Mx8 10ns 5V SRAM module SBC-4 with WM-1 memory module

This is the largest, fastest 5V SRAM module available that I know of, and its pin header makes it easy for hobbyists to build with.  The pin header can be straight or right-angle.  When fully populated, it has 64 times as much RAM as the Commodore 64 did, and 32 times as much as the original Mac did.  Being SRAM, it can be battery-backed, and is free of the complications of DRAM management requirements.  There's more discussion of it, and pictures, on the forum here.  Daryl Rictor's SBC-4 computer which he sells (pictured above) uses it.  I can provide the sockets too, both in soldertail and in wire-wrap.

Also available:  1Mx8 EPROM pairs (27C801 in 32-pin windowed DIP) pre-programmed with the large look-up tables for hyper-fast, accurate 16-bit math on any 8-bit computer.  See the articles linked for info.  I have some that were graciously donated and programmed by Tony Gonzalez (Nightmaretony, an esteemed member of the 6502.org forum, who unfortunately died with cancer in his 40's on 11/4/12), so until those are gone, your cost is only the shipping cost.  (If you want to do your own, or load the tables into RAM, the Intel Hex files are available at the link.)

I have more modules in mind, and I welcome more suggestions.  Goals for a home-made computer tend to quickly become too lofty to carry them out in your lifetime-- or change faster than you can build.  It helps to have various sections ready-made.  The memory module above integrates up to eight fast SMT 512Kx8 5V SRAMs and the bypass capacitors on a small board with parts on both sides and a dual-row socket of 46 pins on .100" centers which is perfect for breadboarding (although if you breadboard, I do recommend using breadboard with at least a ground plane like Twin Industries,' 8100 or 8200 series for this high-performance module).

There's a brief write-up on how I got into home-made workbench computers, microcontrollers, and automated test equipment, with links, in my "Introduce Yourself" post, the first one in the topic.  I am very active on that forum, and also have some articles on 6502.org.  I have a similar write-up here on how I got into HP calculators as equipment controllers on the workbench, which influenced my own home-made workbench computer designs.

Many more articles, plus show-and-tell of my own projects, are planned for this website.

For 250 links to materials on:

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added 10/1/15:  6502 stacks treatise  6502 Stacks: More than you thought!  (actually a set of 19 articles plus appendices, covering many aspects)
added 7/15/15:  NMOS v. CMOS 6502 differences
added 6/9/15:  Assembly Language:  Still Relevant Today  (article, not tutorial)
added 2/17/15  6502 interrupts primer.  I put it on 6502.org 12 years earlier, and it will remain there too; but it's much easier to edit on my own site.
added 5/16/14:  simple methods for multitasking without a multitasking OS
added 7/28/12:  program structures in 65c02 (and PIC16) assembly, through macros
added 6/25/12:  16-Bit scaled-integer math, hyper-fast and accurate, with large look-up tables (provided)
added 4/27/12:  6502 PRIMER: Building your own 6502 computer (actually a set of 22 articles covering many aspects, some relating equally well to other computers too)
added 4/5/12:   RS-232 primer

This website gets over 600 page downloads per day, over 1800 files per day.  The most popular section is the 6502 primer, followed by the section on 16-bit scaled-integer math and the large look-up tables.  Many thanks to Andy Werner ("handyandy" on the 6502.org forum) who proofread virtually my entire site!

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